80 Dublin Park Rd
Dublin VA 24084

NOTE: People living outside Pulaski county are able to adopt from this pound. The only requirements are that you present a receipt from the vet of your choice showing a pre-payment in full for the spay/neuter.

Animal Control is responsible for ensuring that the community is safe from problematic animals and also to ensure that the animals are safe from abusive owners. Animal control only handles domesticated animals such as dogs an cats.

Animal Control currently has four officers who are responsible for the service of the entire County of Pulaski. They work on daily shifts with one on call Officers during non-business hours. If there is an emergency such as a dog attack animal control will respond to the scene and assist in removing the animal. Animal Control does not handle non-domesticated animals such as deer, raccoon, skunks or any other rodents or reptiles. A qualified pest control business or in cases of big game animals, a Virginia State Game Warden should be contacted for such problems. If you have an emergency involving an animal, contact your local law enforcement agency first!

Please confirm all information, related to the Pulaski County Animal Shelter, contained within this website with Pulaski County Animal Control. Pulaski County Animal Control is NOT responsible for errors reported here. This page is owned by and maintained by volunteers working to promote local animal shelters and homeless pets. We DO NOT work for Pulaski County Animal Control, we just care about saving the lives of these animals.

There may be animals available that are not yet on this page. The pets seen on this page may have already been adopted. Please help support your local animal shelter and adopt a friend for life!

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If you have questions about the animals listed, contact Pulaski Animal Control.